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This list includes every quest, deed, and reputation faction that STARTS in the region. It is compiled from the data at LOTRO Wiki. Some quests that are still listed on LOTRO-Wiki have been removed from the game and also from this list. Quests and deeds from a major instance in a region will be listed in the instances page instead of the area's page. Click on the quest name to view its LOTRO Wiki entry. If you notice any missing information, please contact me. A ring indicates a completed objective. If an objective in this season is incomplete, it will be done at a later point in the playthrough.

A Bit of Breathing Room Complete
A Brazen Chieftain Complete
A Broken Wheel Complete
A Dark and Lonely Forest Complete
A Disturbing Word Complete
A Doe in a Dragon's Nest Complete
A Glimpse of the Fall Complete
A Gnawing Worry Complete
A Grave Corruption Complete
A Heavy Task Complete
A Hunt at the Fanged Lair Complete
A Hunt for Wolves Complete
A Many-coloured Cloak Complete
A Message Sent Complete
A Peace-shattering Silence Complete
A Prime Cut Complete
A Ring of Power? Complete
A Semblance of Revenge Complete
A Shameful Loss Complete
A Shiny Bauble Complete
A Shredded Bag Complete
A Smashed Crate Complete
A Strange Absence of Nails Complete
A Summons by Craban Complete
A Torn Ledger Complete
A Walk in the Glade Complete
A Widow's Last Hope Complete
A World of Trouble Complete
Abolish the Abominations Complete
Allies and Enemies Complete
An Honourable Exchange Complete
An Invasion is Brewing Complete
An Overwhelming Supply of Spears Complete
Assembly Call Complete
Avancs for Every Need Complete
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep Complete
Back to Lhan Rhos Complete
Beasts for Steeds Complete
Because I Said So Complete
Better Late than Never Complete
Biting the Hand that Feeds Complete
Bloody Nose Complete
Bolder Every Day Complete
Break the Influence Complete
Break the Sentries Complete
Breaking the Ice Complete
Breath of the Dragon Complete
Bringer of Ill News Complete
Bring Word Complete
Bringing Hope to the Hopeless Complete
Building the Fire Complete
Burning Supplies Complete
Calling for Help Complete
Capture the Stores Complete
Charge of the Ox Complete
Clear-cutting Orcs Complete
Coming to a Conclusion Complete
Counting the Antlers Complete
Cruel Traps Complete
Daily Wood Shipment Complete
Deeds and Words Complete
Defend the Eastern Guardpost Complete
Defend the Southern Guardpost Complete
Defend the Western Guardpost Complete
Defending That Which is Not Theirs Complete
Dimming the Lights Complete
Dimming the Summit Complete
Down from the Tower Complete
Dragons with White Hands Complete
Dunlending Versus Dunbog Complete
Ending the Nightmare Complete
Evil in the Wood Complete
Evil Things Complete
Eyes in the Forest Complete
Eyes of the Riders Complete
Fancy Feasts Complete
Fangs of the Wulf Complete
Fear of Famine Complete
Fell the Banners Complete
Final Rest Complete
Finding an Old Fiend Complete
Finding Rest Complete
Finding the Lost Complete
Finish the Abominations Complete
Food by any Means Complete
Food for the Hungry Complete
Freeing the Innocent Complete
From the Bonevales to Galtrev Complete
From Trum Dreng to Galtrev Complete
Galtrev: The Capital Settlement Complete
Galtrev's Unwelcome Neighbours Complete
Gathering Supplies Complete
Glinting in Forgotten Pools Complete
Goods for Isengard Complete
Guidance of the White Hand Complete
Guto's Own Investigation Complete
Hay is for Horses Complete
He Says Shield Shells Complete
Heading off the Stampede Complete
Helping the Hurt Complete
Homestead Defence Complete
Hope Rekindled Complete
Hounds of the White Hand Complete
Hunting Bloodmaw Complete
Hunting the Pack Complete
If It is not Too Much Trouble Complete
In Sickness and in Plague Complete
In the Shadow of the Mountain Complete
Inspire Hope Complete
Instance: Assembly of the Avanc-lûth Complete
Instance: Clear the Path Complete
Instance: Ending the Nightmare Complete
Instance: Fangs of the Wulf Complete
Instance: Homestead Defence Complete
Instance: Missing Persons Complete
Instance: Righting the Wrongs of Trum Dreng Complete
Instance: Rise and Fall Complete
Instance: Something Foul Complete
Instance: Taking a Stand Complete
Instance: The Auction Complete
Instance: The Feast of the Running Stag Complete
Instance: The Meaning of Alliance Complete
Instance: Munfaeril's Warning Complete
Instance: Tribunal of Shadows Complete
Instance: Tusks of the Boar Complete
Into the Dragon's Maw Complete
Joining the Battle Complete
Joining the Hunt Complete
Let Us Follow Them Complete
Link in the Chain Complete
Lost Caws Complete
Lost in the Mail Complete
Lost Miner -- Inir Complete
Lost Miner -- Siam Complete
Lost Miner -- Wilim Complete
Mean, Old Big Bloodtusk Complete
Mean, Old Pigs in Pren Gwydh Complete
Meaner, Older Pigs Complete
Meat for a Hungry Clan Complete
Merchants of Avardin -- Cadvan Complete
Merchants of Avardin -- Eva Complete
Merchants of Avardin -- Folant Complete
Merchants of Avardin -- Hevina Complete
Messenger of Fate Complete
Missing Persons Complete
Monsters in the Wild Complete
Munfaeril's Warning Complete
Mysterious Happenings Complete
Mystery of the Trees Complete
No Hope, No Future Complete
On the Hoof Complete
Once a Servant, Now a Wizard Complete
Orc-mischief Complete
Outsiders Not Welcome Complete
Patching the Huts Complete
Plunderers' Plunder Complete
Preparing for the Auction Complete
Protective Shells Complete
Pulling the Dragon's Teeth Complete
Punishing the Wicked Complete
Quell the Overseers Complete
Raiders to the North Complete
Redeem the Abominations Complete
Repairs and Restorations Complete
Resting Place Complete
Return to the Elders Complete
Return to Your Cairns Complete
Riders of the Storm Complete
Righting the Wrongs of Trum Dreng Complete
Rise and Fall Complete
Rising Ancestors Complete
Rising Tide Complete
Routing the Dievligs Complete
Saving the Twisted Complete
Scarred Wood Complete
Scatter the Ashes Complete
Scattered Companions Complete
Scattered Delivery Complete
Seeking a Solution Complete
Servants of the White Hand Complete
Sick Enemies are Weak Enemies Complete
Silent Riders Complete
Slain Stags Complete
Slaves of the White Hand Complete
Slipping Through the Fingers of the White Hand Complete
Slugs for the Slaughter Complete
Something Foul Complete
Something Rotten Complete
Son of a Merchant Man Complete
Spirits of Dunland Complete
Stalled Along the Road Complete
Stealing and Squealing Complete
Stolen Keepsake Complete
Stolen Stacks of Lumber Complete
Summons of the White Hand Complete
Take Back the Watchtower Complete
Taking a Stand Complete
Taking Matters into Their Own Hands Complete
Tending the Wounded Complete
The Auction Complete
The Auctioneer Complete
The Avanc Complete
The Bane of the Bog Complete
The Blocked Supply-lines Complete
The Crow-thief Complete
The Defence of Galtrev Complete
The Feast of the Running Stag Complete
The Forges of Isengard Complete
The Foulest of the Stag-clan Foes Complete
The Hunt for Hardfang Complete
The Ledger Complete
The Ledger -- Page 1 Complete
The Ledger -- Page 2 Complete
The Ledger -- Page 3 Complete
The Ledger -- Page 4 Complete
The Ledger -- Page 5 Complete
The Meaning of Alliance Complete
The Men that were Taken Complete
The Missing Stable-boy Complete
The Mysteriously Dwindling Flock Complete
The Pit -- Battle I Complete
The Pit -- Battle II Complete
The Pit -- Battle III Complete
The Pit -- Battle IV Complete
The Slovenly Work of Mange-rider Complete
The Source of the Dragons Complete
The Stag-clan of Trum Dreng Complete
The Tower on the Hill Complete
The Turtle or the Egg Complete
The Village Burns Complete
The Warg-rider's Fang Complete
The Wounds Must Be Staunched Complete
Thieves at the Galtrev Lumber-camp Complete
Throw the Yoke Complete
To Durgors Complete
To Lhan Colvarn Complete
To Lhan Rhos Complete
To the Bonevales Complete
To the Hunt Complete
To the Starkmoor Complete
To Trum Dreng Complete
To Trum Dreng (v2) Complete
Tribunal of Shadows Complete
Trophies of the Enemy Complete
Tusks of the Boar Complete
Twice-stolen Stores Complete
Unaccompanied Miners Complete
Unsettling Evidence Complete
Unsuspecting Loyalty Complete
Uprooting the Raiders Complete
Vessel Shattered Complete
Wanton Destruction Complete
What of the Farmer? Complete
What of the Herd-lands? Complete