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This list includes every quest, deed, and reputation faction that STARTS in the region. It is compiled from the data at LOTRO Wiki. Some quests that are still listed on LOTRO-Wiki have been removed from the game and also from this list. Quests and deeds from a major instance in a region will be listed in the instances page instead of the area's page. Click on the quest name to view its LOTRO Wiki entry. If you notice any missing information, please contact me. A ring indicates a completed objective. If an objective in this season is incomplete, it will be done at a later point in the playthrough.

A Bit of Sparkle Complete
A Curious Number of Bears Complete
A Dangerous Road Complete
A Formal Complaint Complete
A Friend in Ost Forod Complete
A Friend to the Kings of Old Complete
A Howling in the Hills Complete
A Little Touch of Red Complete
A Man Called Estel Complete
A Meeting with the Blue Lady Complete
A Momentous Decision Complete
A Pile of Soggy Weeds Complete
A Shade of Blue Complete
A Striking Absence of Boar Complete
A Tinge of Green Complete
Agarochir, Keeper of Tirband Complete
All Quiet on the Western Front Complete
An Increase of Nerbyg Complete
An Island in the Lake Complete
An Oath Resworn Complete
An Old Trove Complete
An Unpleasant Meal Complete
Ancient Log-book Complete
Ancient Statuary Complete
Angmar's Agenda Complete
Animals Tended Complete
Arantar's Ring Complete
Architects of History Complete
Ballard Wilmer and the White Warg Complete
Banners of the Iron Crown Complete
Barachen's Camp Complete
Befuddled Titans Complete
Beyond the Gloaming Falls Complete
Blower of Glass Complete
Bounty: Andy Idden, Goblin-friend Complete
Bounty: Bill Tripper, Master of Blades Complete
Bounty: Harry Hinchcliffe, Dead-eye Complete
Bounty: Thauk, Vile Warg Complete
Breakfast in the Ruins Complete
Calenglad Remained Complete
Challenge: The Unquenched Flame  
Chores Done Complete
Collecting the Bait Complete
Corrupted Beasts of Nenuial Complete
Crate and Barrel Complete
Crown of the Colossus Complete
Culling the Flame Complete
Danger Among the Dunes Complete
Defending the Catapult Complete
Delivering the Pies Complete
Drowning at the Docks Complete
Drying the Pipe-weed Complete
Dull Blades Still Cut Deep Complete
Dwaling's Plight Complete
Eastern Gate of Annúminas Complete
Eggs Over Easy Complete
Entombed of Haudh Eärendur Complete
Entrances of Barad Tharsír Complete
Escape from Duskencleft Complete
Evils out of Fornost Complete
Eye of the Storm Complete
False Wards Complete
Farmers' Bane Complete
Farmer's Market is Open Complete
Feeding the Cows Complete
Fire and Water Complete
Fire in the Sky Complete
Fool's Crown Complete
Fortress of the North Complete
Foulness from the Deep Complete
Friends at the Eavespires Complete
Fruits of the Forest Complete
Gateways to the Past Complete
Gathering Butter Complete
Gathering Eggs Complete
Gathering Flour Complete
Gathering Jam Complete
Gathering the Chickens Complete
Gathering up the Equipment Complete
Gathering up the Sheep Complete
Gauradan-relics Complete
Goblins and Spiders Complete
Goblins in the Hollow Complete
Grave-rubbings Complete
Halls of Twilight Complete
Harvesting the Pipe-weed Complete
Hewing the Wood Complete
Hides for Blankets Complete
Hiding Underfoot Complete
Hobgoblin's Recipe Complete
Honouring the Dead Complete
Hunting the Hunters Complete
Immediate Threats Complete
In Their Absence, Chapter 1  
In Their Absence, Chapter 2  
In Their Absence, Chapter 3  
In Their Absence, Chapter 4  
Instance: A Formal Complaint Complete
Instance: The Bounty-hunter Complete
Instance: The Tomb of Elendil Complete
Instance: The Twisted Heart Complete
Instance: Thief-taker's Bane Complete
Jewels of a Crawler Complete
Jewels of Evendim Complete
Kergrim of Haudh Valandur Complete
Keys to the Crypts Complete
Knocking Heads Complete
Lament of the Fallen Complete
Lighthouse on the Baranduin Complete
Lights for the Market Complete
Logs for the Fire Complete
Longbows of Tham Laegamon Complete
Look to the Horizon Complete
Lords of the Land Complete
Lost Dog Complete
Loyalty's Proof Complete
Meat for the Spit Complete
Men of the North Complete
Mirrors of Tham Sarch Complete
Missing the Meeting Complete
Monuments of Angmar Complete
Mudding the Pigs Complete
Murder in the Ruins Complete
Northcotton Farm Complete
Northcotton Farmer's Market Complete
Oats for the Westfarthing Complete
One More Marker Complete
Open Channels Complete
Orchalwë's Mission Complete
Orders of the Iron Crown Complete
Ost Heryn Complete
Payment of an Ancient Debt Complete
Pillars of Strength Complete
Planting Flowers Complete
Planting Scarecrows Complete
Plunderers of History Complete
Pouches of Poison Complete
Practised Villainy Complete
Pulling Weeds Complete
Raiders of Barad Tharsír Complete
Ran Afoul of the Bears Complete
Ransackers of Haudh Arantar Complete
Reclamation Complete
Recovering the Lost Leaf Complete
Redeeming the Defiled Complete
Refuge of the Elves Complete
Relics of Barad Tharsír Complete
Repairing the Catapult Complete
Respecting the Rulers Complete
Robbers and Poachers Complete
Robbers of Barad Tharsír Complete
Robbers of Haudh Eärendur Complete
Robbers of Tham Laegamon Complete
Robbers of Tham Sarch Complete
Roiling the Rills Complete
Rumming's Remaining Riddle Complete
Rumming's Resolute Resolve Complete
Rumming's Ridiculous Request Complete
Sample the Pipe-weed Complete
Sanctity of the Sovereigns Complete
Sand for the Flame Complete
Scavengers of Barad Tharsír Complete
Scouting Arthobel Complete
Searchers of Haudh Eldacar Complete
Seeking Answers Complete
Setting the Trap Complete
Shaman from the North Complete
Shoring Up the Defences Complete
Smoke on the Water Complete
Something in the Water Complete
Sort Out the Pieces Complete
Sorting the Pipe-weed Complete
Spies and Robbers Complete
Stores for the Winter Complete
Sunken Shipwreck Complete
Sunken Urns Complete
Surely Almost There Complete
Tears of Purity Complete
Tham Andalath Complete
Tham Nambarth Complete
Tham Ornen Complete
Tham Varan Complete
That Which I Value Most Complete
The Blade that was Broken Complete
The Bounty-hunter Complete
The Burning Island Complete
The City of His Fathers Complete
The Corrupted Statue Complete
The Defence of House Brumbar Complete
The Earth-kin of Lehmä-koti Complete
The Gauredain of Emyn Uial Complete
The Goblins' Source Complete
The Hills Have Eyes Complete
The Hunt Continues Complete
The Last of the Silithair Complete
The Lost Statue Complete
The Pipe-weed is Done Complete
The Rangers of Esteldín Complete
The Road is Clear Complete
The Robbers of Rantost Complete
The Terrible Secret of the Salamanders Complete
The Thief-takers Complete
The Tomb of Elendil Complete
The Treasure Hunt Complete
The Twilight Estates Complete
The Twisted Heart Complete
The Way of Kings Complete
There and Back Again Complete
They Spy from the Heights Complete
Thief-taker's Bane Complete
Threads of the Past Complete
Threat from the North Complete
Time of Need Complete
Tinnudir, Vestige of Men Complete
Titan of Tyl Annûn Complete
Tooth and Scale Complete
Torogethir's Charge Complete
Treasure in the Ruins Complete
Treasures of Barad Tharsír Complete
Trouble at Cirith Rhîw Complete
Trouble in Dwaling Complete
Twisted Forest Complete
Unfriendly Eyes in Ost Forod Complete
Unfulfilled Duty Complete
Untoward Aggression Complete
Valandur's Sceptre Complete
Vengeance in the Ruins Complete
Vessels of History Complete
Walking on Water Complete
Wards of the Gauredain Complete
Washed Up On the Shore Complete
Weeds of the River Complete
Wish Upon a Star Complete
Word from Calenglad Complete
Writs of Honour Complete