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This list includes every quest, deed, and reputation faction that STARTS in the region. It is compiled from the data at LOTRO Wiki. Some quests that are still listed on LOTRO-Wiki have been removed from the game and also from this list. Quests and deeds from a major instance in a region will be listed in the instances page instead of the area's page. Click on the quest name to view its LOTRO Wiki entry. If you notice any missing information, please contact me. A ring indicates a completed objective. If an objective in this season is incomplete, it will be done at a later point in the playthrough.

A Chill Wind Complete
A Midwinter's Thaw Complete
A Minuscule Menace Complete
A Respectable Ritual Complete
A Simple Remedy Complete
A Stare from the Wild Complete
A Sword Shivered Complete
Against the Cold Complete
All Strung Out Complete
An Audition Complete
An Unheralded Hero Complete
Ancient Rituals Complete
Angmarim Sorcery Complete
Another Thin Winter Complete
Arnmórth the Exacting Complete
Beacon in the Snow Complete
Beastly Things Complete
Bounty of the Sea Complete
Building the Snow-sled Complete
Cat-tusk Scrimshaw Complete
Challenge: Sâri-surma -- Survival  
Claiming the Jewel Complete
Cold as Death Complete
Daily Defence Complete
Defenders of the Fortress  
Drive Them Out! Complete
Driving the Beasts Out Complete
Dwarves and Mammoths Complete
Empty Larder Complete
Encroaching Kalpa-kita Complete
Exiles of Winter Complete
Falling Standards Complete
Feeding the Need Complete
Fisherman's Foe Complete
Fisherman's Friend Complete
Gauradan Incursions Complete
Grievous Cold Complete
Grudgingly-earned Complete
Harsh Prospects Complete
He Who Leads Complete
Hero of the Lost Complete
Hungry Bear-friend Complete
Hunters in the Blinding White Complete
Ice at the Water's Edge Complete
In Their Absence, Chapter 11  
In Their Absence, Chapter 12  
In Their Absence, Chapter 13  
Instance: The Ties That Bind Complete
Keeping the Norsu Pure Complete
Lost My Marbles Complete
Mika Might Know Complete
Mother of Beasts Complete
My Sister's Sword Complete
Mysterious Relic in Forochel Complete
Not in Hot Water Complete
Of Great Aid Complete
On the Road to Misfortune Complete
Ore for the Forge Complete
Protecting the Herd Complete
Raw Materials Complete
Reclaiming From the Raiders Complete
Reclaiming the Homestead Complete
Resupplying the Beacon Complete
Scattered in the Graveyard Complete
Silent Feet Complete
Slaves of the Ice Complete
Smoke on the Horizon Complete
Staying Agile Complete
Stones for the Lodge Complete
The Choicest Cut Complete
The City in the Ice Complete
The Den-mother Complete
The Finest Shield in the Land Complete
The Frozen War Complete
The Hirvi-herd Complete
The Hunt is Afoot Complete
The Jewel of Ice Complete
The Key to their Greed Complete
The Longest Fangs Complete
The Ransom of Angmar Complete
The Raven Complete
The Root of the Problem Complete
The Ties That Bind Complete
The Wayward Bull Complete
Threat from the South Complete
Three Sheets to the Wind Complete
Thurmaer's Lucky Arrow Complete
Time for a New Shield Complete
Treasure of the Lossoth Complete
Under Attack Complete
Undisturbed Rest Complete
Venturing Forth Complete
Warmer Winter Complete
Wayward Hunter Complete
Where Norsu Die Complete
Who Burgles the Burglar? Complete
Winter Cleaning Complete
Wolves at the Door Complete
Worry about Worms Complete