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The Great River

This list includes every quest, deed, and reputation faction that STARTS in the region. It is compiled from the data at LOTRO Wiki. Some quests that are still listed on LOTRO-Wiki have been removed from the game and also from this list. Quests and deeds from a major instance in a region will be listed in the instances page instead of the area's page. Click on the quest name to view its LOTRO Wiki entry. If you notice any missing information, please contact me. A ring indicates a completed objective. If an objective in this season is incomplete, it will be done at a later point in the playthrough.

A Beautiful Weapon Complete
A Better Future Complete
A Black Wind from the East Complete
A Bold Rescue Complete
A Company Divided Complete
A Daring Escape Complete
A Gentle Nudge Complete
A Gift of Warmth in Winter Complete
A Green Expanse Complete
A Grim Allegiance Complete
A Growling Menace at the Gate Complete
A Lack of Evidence Complete
A Logical Appeal Complete
A Loss Unlooked-for Complete
A Matter of Honour Complete
A Message From Stangard Complete
A Message Unsent Complete
A Missing Intruder Complete
A Mockery For a Memorial Complete
A Mystery Deferred Complete
A Parting Gift of Good Will Complete
A Precious Commodity Complete
A Prisoner to Stangard Complete
A Reasonable Request Complete
A Slithering Menace Complete
A Snappy Solution Complete
A Sunset Storm Complete
A Sunset Storm -- Repeatable Complete
A Swarm of Trouble Complete
A Symbol of Dread Complete
A Tangled Mess Complete
A Threat Unseen Complete
A Treasure Recovered Complete
A Troubling Delay Complete
A Venomous Culprit Complete
A Wayward Captain Complete
An Ent in Search of Entwives Complete
An Investigation Complete
An Omen from the East Complete
An Unexpected Rescue Complete
An Unnatural Hunger Complete
Another Gentle Nudge Complete
Answering the Summons Complete
Back on Task Complete
Banishing the Dishonoured Complete
Bearing the Guilt Complete
Beasts at the Doors Complete
Bíli is Missing Complete
Blade of the East Complete
Brace Yourselves Complete
Broken Laws Complete
Brotherhood of the Mind Complete
Brotherhood of the Spirit Complete
Burning It Down Complete
Burning the Eye Complete
Call of Honour Complete
Change for the Worst Complete
Collared Cats Complete
Constables and Robbers Complete
Constables and Robbers -- Repeatable Complete
Constables and Robbers: Bounty Complete
Continuing Good Deeds for Stangard Complete
Convenient Resources -- Repeatable Complete
Cruel Trapping Complete
Darfi Has Wandered Off Complete
Delayed Supplies Complete
Demons of the Rushgore Complete
Demon-spawn Complete
Dishonoured Dead Complete
Disturbances in Thinglad Complete
Dolmund Has Vanished Complete
Drowning the Past Complete
Eating Their Own Complete
Enemies of Elves and Men Complete
Evidence of Foulplay Complete
Fallen Stones and Forgotten Tales Complete
Fangs from the East Complete
Final Notice Complete
Finding Meneldor Complete
Finding the Range Complete
Finding the Remedy Complete
Finding the Remedy -- Repeatable Complete
Finnvarth Is Lost Complete
Flowers for a Lady Complete
Food for Future Days Complete
Forest Roots Complete
Foul-maw Complete
Fragments of the World Complete
Frightening the Steeds Complete
Gerfinn Has Gone Astray Complete
Gorge-crawlers Complete
Guarding the Vale Complete
Hide and Seek Complete
Hospitality in a Strange Land Complete
Hungry Men, Hungry Horses Complete
Huorn-seeds Complete
Hurting Pride Complete
In the Shadow of the Stone Complete
Instance: A Daring Escape Complete
Instance: A Logical Appeal Complete
Instance: A Prisoner to Stangard Complete
Instance: A Reasonable Request Complete
Instance: A Sunset Storm Complete
Instance: An Omen from the East Complete
Instance: Constables and Robbers Complete
Instance: Finding Meneldor Complete
Instance: Lights in the Land Complete
Instance: Neighbours Meet Complete
Instance: Queen of Queens Complete
Instance: Show No Fear Complete
Instance: Stanric's Stand Complete
Instance: The Cost of Loyalty Complete
Instance: The Orcs Attack Complete
Invaders of the Field Complete
Keeping Them at Bay Complete
Kicking a Stone Complete
Leaders of the Nink-hai Complete
Leading Through Fear Complete
Lights in the Land Complete
Lights in the Land -- Repeatable Complete
Looting Lockboxes Complete
Lords of the Desolation Complete
Moving Stones Complete
Neighbours Meet Complete
No Debate Complete
Not a Weapon to Spare Complete
Oldheart Complete
Ousting the Oathbreakers Complete
Patching the Contents Complete
Poisonous Protection Complete
Poor Prospects: Sampling the Pain Complete
Poor Prospects: The Belly of the Beast Complete
Poor Prospects: Wandering Menace Complete
Predators Without Prey? Complete
Pressing Onward Complete
Proof of Treason Complete
Protecting the Road Complete
Queen of Queens Complete
Queen of Queens -- Repeatable Complete
Remains of the Kill Complete
Restoring Pride Complete
Revealing the Truth Complete
Ruffians and Rascals Complete
Scouting Shadows Complete
Scouts on the Move Complete
Securing Our Past Complete
Sellswords and Turncoats Complete
Shades of the Past Complete
Shady Dealings Complete
Shaking the Disease Complete
Show No Fear Complete
Show No Fear: Bounty Complete
Signs of Trouble Complete
Sniffing Out a Rat Complete
Something Blue Complete
Spawning Evil Complete
Stanric's Stand Complete
Stolen Pride Complete
Stolen Pride of Dunland Complete
Stolen Pride of the East Complete
Survival of the Fittest Complete
Taking Arms Complete
Terrible Fang Complete
The Abandoned Camp Complete
The Battle of Ost Celebrant Complete
The Blue Caste Complete
The Cost of Loyalty Complete
The Defiler Complete
The Khundolar Complete
The Limlight Gorge Complete
The Limlight Mill Complete
The Lion's Eye Complete
The Lost Message Complete
The Man on the Inside Complete
The Missing Trinket Complete
The Oathbreakers of Parth Celebrant Complete
The Orcs Attack Complete
The Point of It All Complete
The Price They Pay Complete
The Prospector's Shack Complete
The Roots of Fangorn Complete
The Stone of Friendship Complete
The Story Behind the Death Complete
The Troubles of Stangard Complete
Thinking Ahead Complete
Threatening the Vandals Complete
To Stangard Complete
Too Far Upriver Complete
Tracking the Trespasser Complete
Treasures of Parth Celebrant Complete
Tree-cutters and Flesh-cleavers Complete
Tribute to the Lost Complete
Trolls in the Brown Lands Complete
Trouble Enough Complete
Visitor from the North Complete
Walking on Egg-shells Complete
Warg-repellent Complete
Wargs at Thinglad's Edge Complete
Warn the Horse-lords Complete
Well-supplied Complete
What Is That Smell Complete
Whence They Came Complete
Where Now the Horse and the Rider? Complete
Whispered Permission Complete
Wild Cats of the Brown Lands Complete
Woodmen Astray Complete