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This list includes every quest, deed, and reputation faction that STARTS in the region. It is compiled from the data at LOTRO Wiki. Some quests that are still listed on LOTRO-Wiki have been removed from the game and also from this list. Quests and deeds from a major instance in a region will be listed in the instances page instead of the area's page. Click on the quest name to view its LOTRO Wiki entry. If you notice any missing information, please contact me. A ring indicates a completed objective. If an objective in this season is incomplete, it will be done at a later point in the playthrough.

A Banner Day Complete
A Cloud of Bats Complete
A Cornered Foe Complete
A Dangerous Lair Complete
A Dreadful Boar Complete
A Gift of Gold Complete
A Head Shorter Complete
A Howling on the Wind Complete
A Peculiar Tomb Complete
A Poke in the Eye Complete
A Sample of Ore Complete
A Shadow on the Camp Complete
A Smoking Fire Complete
A Spear in the Heart Complete
A Vital Message Complete
A Wood Rife with Spiders Complete
An Ally in Need Complete
An Eye on the Enemy Complete
Ancient Records Complete
Arrows of the Malledhrim Complete
Assault on Ânghum-maudhûl Complete
Attercop, Attercop Complete
Avenging the Innocent Complete
Badges of Dishonour Complete
Banishing the Shadows Complete
Bats Among the Ruins Complete
Bitter Scenes in Audaghaim Complete
Black Bolts Complete
Black Venom I Complete
Black Venom II Complete
Black Wings Complete
Broken Oaths Complete
Burning Dinner Complete
Commander Athdurub Complete
Commander Fikthrug Complete
Corrupted Memories Complete
Crushing Force Complete
Crushing Resistance Complete
Cut the Supplies Complete
Cutting to the Core Complete
Dark Idols Complete
Dark Relics Complete
Death From Below Complete
Defeat Darúk Complete
Deserters Complete
Destroying Their Means Complete
Disrupting the Muster Complete
Disrupting the Ritual Complete
Dogs of War Complete
Drive Them Off Complete
Dwindling Hope Complete
Eliminate the Scouts Complete
Enemy upon the Threshold Complete
Engaging the Enemy Complete
Entangled Elves Complete
Establishing a Foothold Complete
Eyes of Dol Guldur Complete
Fangs Bared Complete
Fell Servants Complete
Fell the Fallen Complete
Filth and Riches Complete
Forest Patrol Complete
General Tímurzgrat Complete
Gnawed Bones Complete
Goblin-spies Complete
Handling the Handlers Complete
Harass the Patrol Complete
Harry the Sentries Complete
Hewing Fell Wings Complete
Howling on the Hill Complete
In the Wake of the Golden Host Complete
Infernal Stores Complete
Innocence in Peril Complete
Instance: A Cornered Foe Complete
Instance: Death From Below Complete
Instance: Starlight and Shadows Complete
Instance: The Narrow Way Complete
Investigating Barad Angol Complete
Kill the Messenger Complete
Killing the Wolf Complete
King of the Hill Complete
Lay of the Land (Mirkwood) Complete
Life After Death Complete
Lord of Beasts Complete
Luminous Poisons Complete
Masters of the Dead Complete
Murder on the Wing Complete
Muzzling the Pack Complete
Natural Light Complete
Patrolling the Beach Complete
Pillars of Another Age Complete
Purging Evil Complete
Pyres of Dread Complete
Quelling the Riot Complete
Relics of Old Complete
Removing the Stinger Complete
Rending the Shadows of Sâd Meryrn Complete
Repel the Reinforcements Complete
Rout Gâthlata Complete
Ruin the Stockpile Complete
Scout Ânug-stazg Complete
Scouting Ânghum-maudhûl Complete
Scouting in Force Complete
Scouting the Stores Complete
Scratching the Surface Complete
Sealing the Barrows Complete
Seeking Signs Complete
Sending a Message Complete
Sentries of Dol Guldur Complete
Severing the Sword-arm Complete
Shattered Engines Complete
Sign of the Malledhrim Complete
Silent Footsteps Complete
Silken Strands (Mirkwood) Complete
Springing the Traps Complete
Stalked by Shadows Complete
Starlight and Shadows Complete
Stem the Tide Complete
Stop the Spread Complete
Symbols of Conquest Complete
Terror of the Drownholt Complete
The Accursed City Complete
The Barbed Lash Complete
The Battle for Dol Guldur Complete
The Black Drivers Complete
The Dark Apprentice Complete
The Drowned Wood Complete
The Enemy in the East Complete
The Enemy is upon Us! Complete
The Glory of the Malledhrim Complete
The Glowering Trees of the Drownholt Complete
The Howling Regiment Complete
The Hunt for Gollum Complete
The Last Vestiges Complete
The Leader of the Pack Complete
The Lost Explorers Complete
The Malice of the Lights Complete
The Master of the Roost Complete
The Mysterious Affliction Complete
The Narrow Way Complete
The Road to Emyn Lûm Complete
The Scattered Tales of Audaghaim Complete
The Search for a Remedy Complete
The Slave-horde of Dannenglor Complete
The Sly Beasts of the Dourstocks Complete
The Thief of Dannenglor Complete
The Writhing Glade Complete
Thin the Pack Complete
Tokens of Fealty Complete
Travel to Helethir Complete
Trolling the Hills Complete
Unconvincing Innocence Complete
Voracious Fluttering Complete
War of Attrition Complete
Ward of Shadow Complete
Wetlands of Southern Mirkwood Complete
What Came to Pass Complete
Whence the Dead? Complete
Wild Ruins Complete