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The Mines of Moria

This list includes every quest, deed, and reputation faction that STARTS in the region. It is compiled from the data at LOTRO Wiki. Some quests that are still listed on LOTRO-Wiki have been removed from the game and also from this list. Quests and deeds from a major instance in a region will be listed in the instances page instead of the area's page. Click on the quest name to view its LOTRO Wiki entry. If you notice any missing information, please contact me. A ring indicates a completed objective. If an objective in this season is incomplete, it will be done at a later point in the playthrough.

A Bitter Enemy Complete
A Chill Draft Complete
A Cunning Plan's Components Complete
A Deep Place Complete
A Deep Thought Complete
A Faint Glimmer of Hope Complete
A Freshwater Cure Complete
A Gleam in the Gloom Complete
A Glimmer of Hope Complete
A Light in the Garden Complete
A Long Echo Complete
A Multitude of Durub Complete
A New Gear Complete
A New Orc Complete
A Previous Expedition Complete
A Rain of Spears Complete
A Rare Root Complete
A Relic of Ages Past Complete
A Riddle in an Old City Complete
A Second Go of It Complete
A Shortage of Iron Complete
A Sickly Glow Complete
A Stinging Blow Complete
A Tremor Underfoot... Complete
A Tribute of Light Complete
A Watchful Glance Complete
A Well-earned Celebration Complete
A Wide, Empty Hall Complete
After the Fire Complete
Águti's Advice Complete
Allies of Mordor Complete
An Accurate Account Complete
An Ancient Hope Complete
An Eerie Brilliance Complete
An Ominous Tunnel Complete
An Unacceptable Diet Complete
An Uneven Flow Complete
An Unwholesome Odour Complete
Anarchy Reigns Complete
And Stay Out! Complete
Armour of the Deeps Complete
Armoury of Zelem-melek Complete
Assessing the Forges Complete
Backtracking Complete
Badgers as Shepherds Complete
Balin's Pride Complete
Bearer of Bad News Complete
Bedbugs Complete
Birds of Prey Complete
Blackest Night Complete
Bogrian's Curiosity Complete
Breaking Their Spirit Complete
Bright Prospects, Dark Rails Complete
Bult-kâr: Cut at the Root Complete
Bult-kâr: Out on a Limb Complete
Bult-kâr: Sharp Company Complete
Camping the Rift Complete
Caught in Clear Webs Complete
Cease to Resist Complete
Churning Froth Complete
Claiming the Past Complete
Claws of the Deep Complete
Clear Tunnels Complete
Clearing Mudmul-charâf Complete
Clearing the Road Complete
Clearly Problematic Complete
Coal for the Fires Complete
Corrupted Spiders Complete
Crafting: Trace Metals Complete
Crashing Down Complete
Crossing by Treacherous Paths Complete
Cultivator of Corruption Complete
Danger upon Khadar-zarâm Complete
Dark and Shallow Water Complete
Dark Power Rising Complete
Dark Victory Complete
Darkened by Mildew Complete
Dead-fall Complete
Death to the Maidens Complete
Deepest Depths Complete
Destroying the Operation Complete
Dissent in the Ranks Complete
Dragonets of the Old Silvertine City Complete
Drawn to the Water Complete
Drums of War Complete
Dwarf-Dinner! Complete
Eight-legged Insanity Complete
Emissaries of the White Hand Complete
Enemies Forever Complete
Enemies of Lothlórien Complete
Enemies of the Crossroads Complete
Enemies of the Deep Descent Complete
Enemies of the Second Hall Complete
Ever Forward Complete
Exploring the Wide Halls Complete
Exploring Uzbad-bakân Complete
Faint But Fierce Complete
Fighting Slime with Slime Complete
Fighting the Fungus Complete
Fixing a Squeaky Wheel Complete
Flame and Shadow Complete
Following Öndótt Complete
Following the Flowing Water Complete
Following the Winding Road Complete
Foreman of the Great Wheel Complete
Forging Ahead Complete
Forging for the Enemy Complete
Friends at the Gate Complete
Fulz-zahar: A Miner's Companion Complete
Fulz-zahar: Break Through Complete
Fulz-zahar: Protecting the Mine Complete
Fungus and Acid Complete
Fungus Takes Flight Complete
Gathering at the Gate Complete
Getting Out of Hand Complete
Giving the Durub a Good Drubbing Complete
Goblin Overseers Complete
Gredbyg at the Doors Complete
Gredbyg in the Nursery  
Greet the Sky Complete
Grimly Lethal Complete
Grodbog Infestation Complete
Grodbog-nurses Complete
Growing Corruption Complete
Gumming Up the Works Complete
Helgi Goblinbane's Arm Complete
Helgi Goblinbane's Helm Complete
Helgi Goblinbane's Shoulder Complete
Helgi Goblinbane's Shoulder and Arm Complete
Heralds of Corruption Complete
Hidden Quarters Complete
Honouring the Fallen Complete
Hope From the East Complete
Impure Knowledge Complete
In His Memory Complete
In Over His Head Complete
In Pursuit Complete
Incubated by the Flaming Deeps Complete
Infernal Chittering Complete
Infestation Complete
Instance: Cease to Resist Complete
Instance: Flame and Shadow Complete
Instance: Greet the Sky Complete
Instance: The Cooling Chamber Complete
Instance: The Ghost-forge Complete
Instance: The Great Hall of Durin Complete
Instance: The Innermost Chamber Complete
Instance: The Library of Steel Complete
Instance: The Mithril Slaves Complete
Instance: The Morroval-outcasts Complete
Instance: The Spider-nest Complete
Instance: The Training Hall Complete
Instance: They Mined Too Fast Complete
Instance: Those Who Came Before Complete
Instructions in the Map Complete
Instruments of the Enemy Complete
Into the Fanged Pit Complete
Into the Savage Dark Complete
Kill it with Fire Complete
Know Thine Enemy Complete
Lawlessness Among Goblins Complete
Leaving the Deeps Complete
Leaving the Mines Complete
Lest We Forget Complete
Lieutenants of Corruption Complete
Lighting the Pit Complete
Lighting the Way Complete
Líkmund's Companions Complete
Little Revolution Complete
Lost Dwarf Complete
Lost Supplies Complete
Luminous Goop Complete
Lurking in the Shadows Complete
Lying in Wait Complete
Many Worrisome Corpses Complete
Mapping the Winding Way Complete
Masks of Gaping Maws Complete
Mekeb-faham: Book End Complete
Mekeb-faham: The Comfort of Words Complete
Mekeb-faham: When Scholars Attack Complete
Mekeb-farak: A Good Book Complete
Mekeb-farak: Closing the Books Complete
Mekeb-farak: Read and Ransack Complete
Message to Zirakzigil Complete
Mirror in the Mire Complete
Missing Arrows Complete
Mushroom Picking Complete
New Growth Complete
Next of Kin Complete
Nightmares in the Abyss Complete
No Home for Orcs Complete
Off to the Channel Complete
Offence at Dark Worship Complete
One Absent Miner Complete
One Last Dash Complete
Opening the Waterways Complete
Orc Barriers Complete
Orcs of Ânghumu-ru Complete
Ore Inspection Complete
Ore Samples I: The Deep Descent Complete
Ore Samples II: The Mine-shaft Complete
Ore Samples III: The Tunnel Complete
Ore Samples IV: The Old Silvertine City Complete
Out of the Darkness Complete
Piles of Old Bones Complete
Plenty to Go Around Complete
Poison-craft Complete
Poisoners and Masters Complete
Preserving Ancient Tales Complete
Preserving the Bridges Complete
Purging the White Hand Complete
Puzzle of the Carvings Complete
Queen in the Fungus Complete
Questions of Stability Complete
Readings from the Basin Complete
Reassembling the Statue Complete
Reclaiming the Platform Complete
Records of the Dark Times Complete
Reflecting on the Past Complete
Reflection of Flame Complete
Reflections of Rails Complete
Reflections of Stone Trees Complete
Reflector of the Redhorn Complete
Remembering the Old Songs Complete
Remnants of the Ruins Complete
Reporting the Findings Complete
Revenge from the Grave Complete
Riddles in the Flames Complete
Riddles in the Library Complete
Riddles in the Stone Complete
Riddles in the Tomb Complete
Riddles in the Walls Complete
Rumours in the Tunnels Complete
Rusted Works Complete
Safeguard Complete
Scent of the Hive Complete
Scouting Ahead Complete
Scraps of Shadow Complete
Sealing the Gate Complete
Search for the Missing Complete
Securing the Library Complete
Sejer-tharâkh: A Tale of Timber Complete
Sejer-tharâkh: Awls Well that Ends Well Complete
Sejer-tharâkh: Hack and Cleave Complete
Send Them Back Home Complete
Servant of the White Hand Complete
Setting Up Shop Complete
Shadow Over Hope Complete
Shaky Foundations Complete
Shattered Complete
Sole Survivors Complete
Some Kind of Safety Complete
Something Wicked Complete
Sori's Exploration Complete
Sowing the Seeds Complete
Spider-infestation Complete
Spider-leg Prisms Complete
Splinter the Ranks Complete
Stealing Back Complete
Stronghold of the Goblins Complete
Study of the Problem Complete
Studying the Local Wildlife Complete
The Banner of Uzbad-bakân Complete
The Black Uruk of Moria Complete
The Black Uruk of the Forge Complete
The Colours of Crystals Complete
The Cooling Chamber Complete
The Culling Complete
The Deep Descent Awaits Complete
The Footsteps of Foes Complete
The Fractured Crystal Complete
The Fungus Among Us (Tyki) Complete
The Ghost-forge Complete
The Great Hall of Durin Complete
The Hive-Queen Complete
The Library of Steel Complete
The Local Wildlife is Deadly Complete
The Majesty of the Stone Trees Complete
The Miners of Menem-berej Complete
The Mithril Slaves Complete
The Morroval-outcasts Complete
The Noise of the Gredbyg Complete
The Queen's Chamber Complete
The Restless Orcs of the Crack's Edge Complete
The Road is Ours Complete
The Scout's Report Complete
The Secret of the Council Complete
The Spider-nest Complete
The Superiority of the White Hand Complete
The Terror that was Azog Complete
The Training Hall Complete
The Winding Way Complete
There is our Problem Complete
They Mined Too Fast Complete
Those Who Came Before Complete
Those Who Never Came Out Complete
To Jazârgund Complete
To the Chamber of the Crossroads Complete
To the Deep Descent Complete
To the Dolven-view Complete
To the Orc-watch Complete
Toad-slime Complete
Tools from the Past Complete
Torso of Helgi Goblinbane Complete
Tumun-ghâr: Incursion in the Quarry Complete
Tumun-ghâr: Taking Back What is Ours Complete
Tumun-ghâr: Things Left Behind Complete
Two Problems, One Tool Complete
Unexpected Treasure Complete
Unguarded Treasure Complete
Unseen Complete
Untold Legends Complete
Unwelcome Tunnellers Complete
Vanity Complete
Visage of Terror Complete
Warding Runes Complete
Welcome to Moria Complete
Words of Light Complete
Workshop of the Winged Complete
Worth Dying For Complete
Deeds of Khazad-dûm Complete
Explorer of Khazad-dûm Complete
Quests of Khazad-dûm Complete
Triumph within the Deeps Complete
Bulwarks of the Enemy Complete
In the Footsteps of the Fellowship Complete
The Pits of Moria Complete
Twist-tongued Complete
Reflections Complete
Deep-claw Slayer Complete
Deep-claw Slayer (Advanced) Complete
Dragonet-slayer Moria Complete
Dragonet-slayer (Advanced) Complete
Globsnaga-slayer Complete
Globsnaga-slayer (Advanced) Complete
Goblin-slayer Complete
Goblin-slayer (Advanced) Complete
Grodbog-slayer Complete
Grodbog-slayer (Advanced) Complete
Morroval-slayer Complete
Morroval-slayer (Advanced) Complete
Nameless-slayer Complete
Nameless-slayer (Advanced Complete
Orc-slayer Complete
Orc-slayer (Advanced) Complete
Spider-slayer Complete
Spider-slayer (Advanced) Complete
Troll-slayer Complete
Troll-slayer (Advanced) Complete
Warg-slayer Complete
Warg-slayer (Advanced) Complete
Worm-slayer Complete
Worm-slayer (Advanced) Complete
A Deep Well Complete
Eastern Durin's Way Complete
The Cliffs of Zirakzigil Complete
Western Durin's Way Complete
Quests of Durin's Way Complete
Quests of the Dimrill Dale Complete
Discovering Adventures in Zelem-melek Complete
Nud-melek Complete
The Great Delving Complete
The Redhorn Lodes Complete
The Silvertine Lodes Complete
Zelem-melek Complete
Quests of Nud-melek Complete
Quests of the Great Delving Complete
Quests of the Redhorn Lodes Complete
Quests of the Silvertine Lodes Complete
Quests of Zelem-melek Complete
The Flaming Deeps Complete
The Foundations of Stone Complete
The Water-works Complete
Quests of the Flaming Deeps Complete
Quests of the Foundations of Stone Complete
Quests of the Water-works Complete
Iron Garrison Guards Complete
Iron Garrison Miners Complete