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The North Downs

This list includes every quest, deed, and reputation faction that STARTS in the region. It is compiled from the data at LOTRO Wiki. Some quests that are still listed on LOTRO-Wiki have been removed from the game and also from this list. Quests and deeds from a major instance in a region will be listed in the instances page instead of the area's page. Click on the quest name to view its LOTRO Wiki entry. If you notice any missing information, please contact me. A ring indicates a completed objective. If an objective in this season is incomplete, it will be done at a later point in the playthrough.

A Bird in the Hand Complete
A Book Torn Apart Complete
A Brother's Plea Complete
A Fell Glimmer Complete
A Great Boom In The Night Complete
A Lonely Watcher Complete
A Poor Guard Complete
A Request to the Earth-kin Complete
A Symbol of Hope Complete
A Token of Worth Complete
All's Well Complete
Another Siege On Trestlebridge Complete
Bear-hunter Complete
Birds of a Feather Complete
Blood-eye's Pack Complete
Bloodthirsty Achassoth Complete
Blunting the Spear Complete
Bolster the Defences Complete
Breaking the Front Lines Complete
Carnage In The Hodges' Fields Complete
Captains of the Black Tide Complete
Caught in the Wake Complete
Challenge: The Town of Stoneheight  
Clouds Of Corruption Complete
Coat of Shadow Complete
Colbert The Treasure Hunter Complete
Defending the Herd Complete
Destroying the Hatchery Complete
Digging For Relics Complete
Disarming the Valley Complete
Eccentric Company Complete
Eliminating the Beasts Complete
Ending the Elder Complete
Esteldín's Eyes Complete
Esteldín's Preparation Complete
Fall of the Earth-kin Complete
Fallen to the Wargs Complete
Felling Trees Complete
Firewood for Cold Nights Complete
Forced into Service Complete
Going to the Market Complete
Grain-buyer Complete
Grain-hunter Complete
Guardians of the Glade Complete
Gurthagar, Life-Sapper Complete
Half-orc Schemer Complete
Herbs and Simples Complete
Heritage of Gilmar Complete
Heritage Restored Complete
Hillmen of the North Complete
Hunting Olnathron Complete
Inform Esteldín Complete
Insect Menace Complete
Leathery Wings of the Drakes Complete
Londrandir's Message Complete
Long-horns Complete
Low Food Stores Complete
Master of the Black Tide Complete
Masters of the Black Siege Complete
Meat for the Hungry Complete
Miners At Thurûm Complete
Mother of the Valley Complete
Naethir The Cold Complete
Nathan Hodges' Farm Complete
Mysterious Relic in the North Downs Complete
Níels' Bounty: Dhît the Troll Complete
Níels' Bounty: Farathlúg the Ice-worm Complete
Níels' Bounty: Mangemaw the Wolf Complete
Níels' Bounty: Morrafn Complete
Níels' Bounty: Rothlúg Complete
One Present Mind Complete
Orc Excursions Complete
Orc-bounty Complete
Orcs of the Blood Mountain Complete
Othrikar, The Northern Dwarf-keep Complete
Plague-bearer of the North Complete
Played-out Complete
Pre-emptive Measures Complete
Provisions for the Glade Complete
Pulling Beards Complete
Purging the Plains Complete
Ravaging Orc-bounty Complete
Reclamation Complete
Relics Of Meluinen Complete
Rescuing Vengeance Complete
Rock-worms Complete
Roused Guardians of Amon Amrun Complete
Ruins of Arthedain Complete
Rune-kenner Complete
Salvage a Wheel Complete
Scales of the Earthbound Foe Complete
Scattered Belongings Complete
Scouting the Ram Dúath Complete
Sealing the Pact Complete
Seeking the Source Complete
Shades of Former Days Complete
Shattering the Alliance Complete
Siegecraft Complete
Siege-master Complete
Spider Gems Complete
Spider-bounty Complete
Spider-queen Complete
Spoiler Raid Complete
Spying on the Goblins Complete
Staunching the Flow Complete
Stolen Morale Complete
Stop the Scouts Complete
Stopping the Siege Complete
Talbot Redeemed Complete
Tarkrip Orcs Grown Stronger Complete
Techniques of the Masters Complete
The Black-fire Complete
The Council of the North Complete
The Defiler Of Trestlebridge Complete
The Father-lode Complete
The Fortress Of Olnathron Complete
The Iron Collar Complete
The Lost Map Complete
The Madman's Tale Complete
The Orcs Of Nan Wathren (Fellowship) Complete
The Orcs Of Nan Wathren (Small Fellowship) Complete
The Orc Threat Complete
The Pass of Nan Wathren Complete
The Ruins of Minas Vrûn Complete
The Scout Becomes the Hunter Complete
The Shadow-hounds Complete
The Snares Complete
The Stolen Ornament Complete
The Stonehold Chief Complete
The Tarkrip Orcs Complete
The Town of Stoneheight  
The Troll-keeper Complete
The Trolls of Taur Gonwaith Complete
The Voice Upon The Air Complete
The Wardens of Annúminas Complete
The Warg-pens Of Hîgropor Complete
The Wayward Companion Complete
Thinking Ahead Complete
To Amon Raith Complete
To the Lonely Frontier Complete
To Hîgropor Complete
Touch of Corruption Complete
Treasures from the Fields Complete
Treasure From Trestlebridge Complete
Trestlebridge to Ost Guruth Complete
Turn east, never north Complete
Valley of the Worms Complete
Wandering Cruel-beaks Complete
Watchful Eyes, Dark Wings Complete
War and Famine Complete
Warg-bounty Complete
Warg-master Complete
Wargs of Annúndir Complete
Warg-slayer Complete
Weakening the Tide Complete
Winter Gloves Complete