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The Trollshaws

This list includes every quest, deed, and reputation faction that STARTS in the region. It is compiled from the data at LOTRO Wiki. Some quests that are still listed on LOTRO-Wiki have been removed from the game and also from this list. Quests and deeds from a major instance in a region will be listed in the instances page instead of the area's page. Click on the quest name to view its LOTRO Wiki entry. If you notice any missing information, please contact me. A ring indicates a completed objective. If an objective in this season is incomplete, it will be done at a later point in the playthrough.

A Better Sort of Giant Complete
A Bumpy Road Complete
A Cause for Joy Complete
ACause for Sorrow Complete
A Chilling Revelation Complete
A Missing Scout Complete
A Perfect Feather Complete
A Place of Rest Complete
A Plague Of Cave-Rats Complete
A Plague of Flies Complete
A Road Seldom Travelled Complete
A Scholar's Lesson Complete
A Scout in Nan Tornaeth Complete
A Scout in the North Trollshaws Complete
A Snarling Threat Complete
A Superior Lynx-hide Cloak Complete
A Surprising Taste Complete
A Touch of Mint Complete
A Trap for the Creature Complete
An End to the Enterprise Complete
Back to the Road Complete
Badgering Complete
Bear-hide Armour Complete
Beasts Among the Ruins Complete
Bert, Tom, and Bill Complete
Blankets for the Dwarves Complete
Bloom of the Fens Complete
Boar-tooth Dagger Complete
Bringing Warmth Complete
Calenglad Remained Complete
Challenge: The Lost Temple -- Clean Sweep  
Corrupted Hounds Complete
Croak Complete
Culling the Prey Complete
Dangerous Enterprise Complete
Deluros of Rivendell Complete
Dispersing the Cloud Complete
Down from the Mountains? Complete
Eyes of the Enemy Complete
Fallen Trees Complete
Feeding Frenzy Complete
Fighting the Brood Complete
Foul Hounds Complete
Frodo's Burden Complete
From Thorenhad Complete
Giant Footprints Complete
Glorfindel's Company Complete
Harbingers of Death Complete
House of the Master Complete
Instance: A Trap for the Creature Complete
Instance: Frodo's Burden Complete
Instance: Laying to Rest the Evil Dead Complete
Instance: The Blade that was Broken Complete
Instance: The Lost Temple  
Into the Cave Complete
Keepers of the Dead Complete
Laying to Rest the Evil Dead Complete
Lynx-hide Cloak Complete
Master of the Risen Complete
Mountain Raiders Complete
My Dwarf Friends Complete
Mysterious Relic in the Trollshaws Complete
Northern Threat Complete
Ost Thondol Complete
Passage to Darkness Complete
Precarious Stones Complete
Preparing for the Dark Complete
Provisioning the Elves Complete
Provisioning the Hunters Complete
Putting Down the Dying Complete
Queen-mother Complete
Quick Preparations Complete
Rationing the Company Complete
Return to Thorenhad Complete
Rolling Stones Complete
Rotting Roots Complete
Sarnemil's Flight Complete
Scouting the Mountains Complete
Scouting the Wild Complete
Scouts Among the Bruinen Gorges Complete
Sorcerers of the Wolf Complete
Spawn of the North Complete
Stinging Flies Complete
Surprise Pipe-weed Complete
The Creeping Shadow Complete
The Deadly Broods Complete
The Giants' Valley Complete
The Hill-Men of Minas Agor Complete
The Hill-men of Rhudaur Complete
The Marchwarden of the High Moor Complete
The Missing Fragments Complete
The Missing Scout Complete
The Riddle-finder Complete
The Riddle-game Complete
The Riddle-maker Complete
The Riddle-master Complete
The Riddle-seeker Complete
The Sons of Elrond Complete
The Stolen Stones Complete
The Threat of Goring Complete
The Trolls of Ost Thondol Complete
The True Thieves Complete
The Undiscovered Path Complete
The White Hart Complete
The Wolves of Drauglad Complete
Their Own Weapons Complete
Thunder in the Hills Complete
To Imlad Gelair Complete
To the Last Bridge Complete
To Thorenhad Complete
Toad-Stew Complete
Trampling Hooves Complete
Trolls in the Shaws Complete
Trolls Out Of The Ettenmoors Complete
Trouble by the Last Bridge Complete
Valuable Heart-wood Complete
Vermin of the Mountains Complete
Very Unlike Trolls Complete
Vile Scavengers Complete
Wandering Trolls Complete
What Beast? Complete
Wild Cats Complete
Wolves at Their Backs Complete
Wolves out of the Wild Complete
Word of Warning Complete
Worms On the Heights Complete